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Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia, formerly known as Burma. The name of the country was changed in 1989, and this change of name has been officially recognized by the United Nations. However, some nations, such as the United States and United Kingdom, do not recognize this change of name, since they do not recognize the military government which instituted it. Today, many people use Myanmar, which is a derivative of the Burmese short-form name Myanma Naingngandaw, regardless of their opinion of the military government.

Pyidaungzu Myanma Naingngandaw
(In Detail) (Full size)
National motto: Xxxxx
Official language Burmese
Capital Yangôn (FKA Rangoon)
Capital's coordinates 16° 46' N, 96° 10' E
Largest City Yangon
Chairman, State Peace and Development Council Sr. Gen. Than Shwe
Prime Minister Khin Nyunt
 - Total
 - % water
Ranked 39th
678,500 km²
 - Total (2003)
 - Density
Ranked 27th
 - Total (Year)
 - GDP/head
Ranked 60th
xxx,xxx millions $
xx,xxx $
Currency Kyat
Time zone UTC +6:30 (DST, yes or not)
 - Declared
 - Recognised
From the UK
January 4, 1948
National anthem Gba Majay Bma (We Shall Love Burma)
Internet TLD .MM (formerly .BU)
Calling Code 95

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Main article: History of Myanmar

Previously an independent kingdom, in 1886 Burma was annexed by the British Empire to the colony of India. The Japanese Empire invaded and occupied the country during World War 2 but was eventually liberated.

In 1948 the nation became sovereign, as the Union of Burma, with Saw Shwe Thaik as the first President. Democratic rule eneded in 1962 with a military coup led by General Ne Win. Win ruled for nearly 20 years, bringing in harsh Marxist reforms.

In 1990 free elections were held, but were voided by the military, which refused to step down.


Main article: Politics of Myanmar

Burma has been under military rule since 1988. The current head of state is General Than Shwe who holds the title of "Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council." His appointed Prime Minister is Khin Nyunt. Almost all cabinet offices are held by military officers.

The regime has a poor human rights record, and there is no independent judiciary. Political opposition is not tolerated.

Aung San Suu Kyi, who was elected Prime Minister in 1990 yet prevented by military from taking office, has earned international praise as an activist for democratic rule to return to Myanmar. She has been repeatedly placed under house arrest, although in recent years the regime has been willing to enter partial negoiations with her and her party, the National League for Democracy.

Administrative divisions

Main article: Administrative divisions of Myanmar

Myanmar is divided into 7 divisions and 7 states.

The divisions are Ayeyarwady, Bago, Magway, Mandalay, Sagaing, Tanintharyi and Yangon. The states are Chin State, Kachin State, Kayin State, Kayah State, Mon State, Rakhine State, and Shan State.


Main article: Geography of Myanmar


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